Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mini Nail Polish Haul.

Hey Guys, 
    So I went to visit my old work friends today, I worked with them for almost 7 years and I left in January just gone, so I went to visit and while I was out I decided to call into my local Superdrug and I ended up buying a few lip and nail products, I have decided today to show you the nail products I bought and I have already tried out one of the polishes so I will tell you a little bit about that too. 

                                              These are the nail polishes I bought.

So first up I went to the Maybelline stand and I picked up two of the Color Show polish the first one I picked up was the lightest one which is '130 Winter Baby' it is a really nice pale white that going to look amazing in the summer when I have a tan, but I couldnt resist and I had to try it out ^_^
It is a really nice consistency and it's not to runny at all, you need at least two coats to get a good color on the nail but if you are not a pro like I'm not then I think three light coats is best as it can look a little streaky, this was priced at £2.99 and I think it is well worth the money. 

Still on Maybelline I picked out another Color Show polish this time in '46 Sugar Crystals' this one I love it reminds me of glittery champagne, I would recommend wearing this color on top of a block color, but I have not yet tried it on its own so when I do I will let you know for sure.......

It is very hard to tell but I tried my best to get a good picture, I have a really nice glitter effect on my ring finger and I think you can just about see the difference from my little finger. this was also priced at £2.99 and i think it is a bargain if you want to add some cute glitter to any nail polish. 

Next I went over the Barry M stand and I really do love Barry M nail polishes, I have a couple already as I just love doing my nail but I do need a little be more practise as I tend to rush and it sometimes looks messy haha, So from Barry M I bought the Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in 'GNP 13 papaya 334' this is a really nice peachy coral color and I love it, I much prefer summer nail colors than winter ones and this may just be my new favourite ^_^
I will do a swatch and show/ Nail polish collection if that it something you want to see, This was priced at £3.99 a price you cant really argue with ^_^ 

Then as I ran out of a base coat a really long time ago I thought I best get a new one and while I was there I also got a top coat just for the fun of it lol, I got these from Collection 2000 and the base coat is a 2 in 1 base coat and ridge filler and it say it smooths and protects and I tried it under my 'Winter Baby' and it was really nice it felt really smooth and I think if you are working somewhere were you are not aloud nail polish for work then this alone with a top coat makes you own nails look really nice, These were also both priced at £2.99 

So basically I love nail polishes I think having a good manicure can make anyone look lovely and I love the look of clean polished neat nails, I really want to try Tanya Burr's nail collection so I think another little haul is in store over the next few weeks. 

Thanks for reading please leave your comments as all feedback is welcome. ^_^ 

Much Love, 
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