Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bringing Back The Ombre

I had Ombre hair for a while last year, my hair was long-ish at the time, and I loved it, at first it was a funny orange color but I actually really liked it, then near the end of my time with ombre I was trying to just dye my roots, dark of course and when I was washing it would the color run down over my ombre and turned it a weird green/gray color and again me being me, I really liked it so I kept it that color for a while untill finally dyeing it out about 4 months ago. Last month I decided to get it all chopped off as my hair is really thin and looks a bit naff long, so I got a long bob and it needed something else it was just a bit blah, so I decided to bring back my ombre, and I love it, about two weeks ago I tried the L'Oreal new ombre dye but it didnt do much at all, I actually used two out of three of the colors they had but nothing :( so this time I went for a full blonde hair dye and got better results ^_^