Thursday, 27 February 2014

Avon Haul

My mum has been getting the Avon for so many years now, and it's one of them things where I only really look through the book if I'm a little bored, and I never really get anything, every now and then I get the odd thing and recently decided to pick up some bits. So I have lots of pics to show you and I'll tell you what I got. 
The main reason I picked up the book this time round was because I needed something for my nails, they have always been super thin and lately my hands are in water quite a lot and they have started to peel and split, so I found this peeling and brittleness solver, I have used this once so far and it dries like a sheet of plastic so it became a habit to peel it off, so I am going to try it again but this time leave it alone ha ha, I picked this up for £2.50

As I was in the nail section it was only natural that I looked for a nail color, I can't seem to go anywhere lately without picking up a nail polish ha ha, obsessed much, I found this lovely nude color, from Nail pro+ in 'Naked Truth' and this was £3.00 ..... This will be getting tried and tested and I can't wait ^_^

When I was on the same page I noticed this gold glitter color, and it looked really nice and I would wear it maybe over a statement color on my ring finger maybe, I will def be trying this one out soon too ..... This was also £3.00 

 I have never used a lip crayon before so I picked one out on a whim and the one I picked out is .... Irresistibly sexy sultry lip pencil ..... wow that's a long name for a lip pencil ha ha, I am all for nudes so I picked out 'Naturally Naked' maybe next time I am going out for the day and getting food I will wear this and I can do a review / first impressions ..... This cost me £3.50 which is fine if I don't like it and never use it again, but time will tell.
I thought I best pick up a lipstick in case the lip pencil went all wrong and so I wouldn't be upset 'ha ha' *wink wink* I am getting almost the same with lipsticks as I am with nail polishes, and blusher isn't far behind either ha, so I went for the new Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick .... I got mine in 'Tea Rose' which is a lovely pink-y brown shade just a bit more color than a nude. This was £5.00 which I think is amazing for a decent lipstick.

Then my Avon lady sent two freebies ^_^ yay .... Thank you Avon lady .... she sent a lovely lipstick in the shade 'Knock Out Pink' And a beautiful lip gloss from 'Irresistibly Sexy Lip Gloss' in the shade 'Undressed Nude' 

I am so happy with all my products and the two free products, I will defiantly be picking up some other stuff from Avon in the future.

Do you use Avon ?? What are your favourite products ?? 
I hope you like this post and feel free to leave your comments I love to read them all and reply. 

Much Love,