Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favorites

I was so excited to do this monthly favourites post, because it's my first one, as my blog is new this monthly favourites is kinda like an all time favourites, some of the products I have are new so it kind of qualifies ha ha, but yeah these are what I am loving right now ^_^

This is something I have been using for a really long time, it is the only nail polish remover I will use only because it is super cheap, quick and smells so nice, it is Easy Nails, Fast and Fruity, I buy mine from 'Home and Bargain' for 89p .... I know it's so cheap I love it, I use this a lot because I like to wear nail polish a lot but I cant wear it for work so this is great for me to get the most out of my color because I can take my polish off last minuet. 

I love both these products I received them both in Glossy box's the Hydrating Moisturiser was one of the first products I got when I signed up to glossy box, so I have been using it for a good six months, and I love it, it works really well on my skin and its just perfect for me, it has an SPF 15 which I love because I don't want to burn, and it has Vitamin E and Cassia Alata. So naturally I was made up when I got the Monu Illuminating Primer in a recent glossy box, this is pretty much the same as the face cream but a primer so if I am in a rush I just use this on its own and again I love it, this brand just works perfectly with my skin. I am not sure where I can buy more MONU  products from so if you have any links I would be so happy if you could put it in the comments for me ^_^ 

Rimmel Stay Blushed cream blusher is another product I got out of a Glossy Box, OMG I just love Glossy Box ha ha, it say liquid cheek tint but it is def more of a thick cream it is the first cream blusher I have ever used / owned and I love it, I use it more for night outs as it has a really good staying power, mine is in 004 Sunkissed Cherry and it is a dark peach color, with a hint of pink shades ^_^ 

I take these everywhere with me I love this, and I need to get them all, at the minuet I only have two of the Maybelline Baby Lips I have Peach Kiss and Hydrate, I wear peach kiss most days going to work, because not a lot of people see me so I don't want to waste me good lip glosses, and the Hydrate one I wear every night to bed, I picked mine up in Superdrug after reading all the hype about them and I love them.

I don't even have words for how much in love I am with this product, I bought it last summer along with another shade that I can't remember and I can't find :( sad times ..... I liked this so much I couldn't bring myself to wear it until now, it is a Max Factor lipstick in the shade Rosewood and it is a beautiful brown nude with a hint of purple-ness ^_^ it is so nice and creamy and it feels like it is really nice on my lips, it doesn't have the best staying power but I don't mind re applying. 

I love the Rimmel - Wake me up concealer, I only use it when I have break outs or to brighten my under eyes if I need it, this is super cheap and I will be stocking up on this item for sure ^_^ 

I have a massive love hate relationship with mascara, this is the Collection 2000 Extreme Lengthening Mascara, I have so many of them that I hardly use but this one I love it goes on perfect every time, this is my go to mascara and another product I will be buying again and again and again ha ha. 

Last up these tweezers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company, They do an amazing job but its more how they look why I love them, I'm a sucker for cute/shabby chic/ vintage looking things, and I love them ^_^ 

I hope you like my February Favourites ^_^ 
Speak to you all soon 

Much Love, 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Avon Haul

My mum has been getting the Avon for so many years now, and it's one of them things where I only really look through the book if I'm a little bored, and I never really get anything, every now and then I get the odd thing and recently decided to pick up some bits. So I have lots of pics to show you and I'll tell you what I got. 
The main reason I picked up the book this time round was because I needed something for my nails, they have always been super thin and lately my hands are in water quite a lot and they have started to peel and split, so I found this peeling and brittleness solver, I have used this once so far and it dries like a sheet of plastic so it became a habit to peel it off, so I am going to try it again but this time leave it alone ha ha, I picked this up for £2.50

As I was in the nail section it was only natural that I looked for a nail color, I can't seem to go anywhere lately without picking up a nail polish ha ha, obsessed much, I found this lovely nude color, from Nail pro+ in 'Naked Truth' and this was £3.00 ..... This will be getting tried and tested and I can't wait ^_^

When I was on the same page I noticed this gold glitter color, and it looked really nice and I would wear it maybe over a statement color on my ring finger maybe, I will def be trying this one out soon too ..... This was also £3.00 

 I have never used a lip crayon before so I picked one out on a whim and the one I picked out is .... Irresistibly sexy sultry lip pencil ..... wow that's a long name for a lip pencil ha ha, I am all for nudes so I picked out 'Naturally Naked' maybe next time I am going out for the day and getting food I will wear this and I can do a review / first impressions ..... This cost me £3.50 which is fine if I don't like it and never use it again, but time will tell.
I thought I best pick up a lipstick in case the lip pencil went all wrong and so I wouldn't be upset 'ha ha' *wink wink* I am getting almost the same with lipsticks as I am with nail polishes, and blusher isn't far behind either ha, so I went for the new Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick .... I got mine in 'Tea Rose' which is a lovely pink-y brown shade just a bit more color than a nude. This was £5.00 which I think is amazing for a decent lipstick.

Then my Avon lady sent two freebies ^_^ yay .... Thank you Avon lady .... she sent a lovely lipstick in the shade 'Knock Out Pink' And a beautiful lip gloss from 'Irresistibly Sexy Lip Gloss' in the shade 'Undressed Nude' 

I am so happy with all my products and the two free products, I will defiantly be picking up some other stuff from Avon in the future.

Do you use Avon ?? What are your favourite products ?? 
I hope you like this post and feel free to leave your comments I love to read them all and reply. 

Much Love, 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

Hey, ^_^
  I am so in love with the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks, I recently picked up three colors which I loved as soon as I saw them, I have some pictures for you and some swatches!!

I picked up up my favorite nude which is '725 Tantalizing Taupe' it is the most amazing nude ever ^_^ Then I picked up '630 Velvet Beige' This is a lot more brown and quickly becoming another favorite. The last one I picked up was a color I never go for but I fell in love with the color, but I never wear it, I think it is the kind of color I just want so I can look at it every now and then, ha ha so I got '910 Shocking Coral' it is a very pink-y coral, but I am happy just knowing I have it ^_^
These come in a ton of shades, I picked my up for around £6 - £7
Shocking coral - Velvet Beige - Tantalizing Taupe

Monday, 24 February 2014

Leighton Denny - Nail Polish

I love this Leighton Denny nail polish, this is my first one and I have actually never heard of this brand before, I got sent it in my February Birch Box, My first thought was 'OOhhh lovely' my 'OMG I got a nail polish' sirens went off and I was super happy!! When I first applied the polish I didn't think I would like it, it went on really thin and a little bit watery and looked streaky, So my second thought was 'Oh no, they spent more time on the packaging' ....... but after a second coat I went straight back to my first thought ha ha, The second coat just made it perfect it dries really quick which is amazing for me as I always smudge my nails and it has a lovely shin to it. I don't have a colour like this in my collection as it isn't a colour I would normally pick up, the only blue shade I have is a pastel colour which I love for spring/summer, so it is really nice to have this, it is a little brighter than in the pictures, and I love it, I will be wearing this a lot in the summer as right now I am loving nudes. 
You can buy this from for £11.00 or from the Birch Box shop. The shade I got was Blue Lagoon. 

Have you ever tried Leighton Denny ?? 
Whats your favourite shade ?? 
If you would like to know more about what I got in my Birch box please leave a comment!! 

Much Love, 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation - Review

Hi Guys, So I finally got round to doing the review for the ELF flawless finish foundation, that I said I was going to do, This foundation is not my favorite (sorry ELF) but it is in my top 5 for sure it's really not bad at all, it is the perfect foundation for me for when I don't want to look like I have a pile of make up on. 

It is really thick and creamy but goes on really light, I would say it is a light to medium coverage, but can also be built up for a fuller coverage, and makes my skin feel super smooth after all my makeup is set. I found it did not sit well around my nose and I had to put some on my finger and really work it around my nose. My skin is super pale but I have a lot of redness in my T-zone and cheeks and it done a really good job of evening out my skin tone, I did have to use concealer as well under my eyes, a little around my nose and on my chin. By the end of the day this foundation does get really oily and shinny but I have a super oily T-zone so my skin type dose not help.  

Please do not be scared but in the next picture I have no Makeup on .... AARRGGGG lol
This Picture is not quite picking up all the redness in my skin it is a lot more red and un-even than this picture, I have a few spots on my head, that I do not normally get but today they are there.
So this is just the foundation no powder nothing..... and as you can tell it has evened out my skin tone a lot, it is a good coverage and makes my skin a little warmer looking. 
This is after I put on the rest of my makeup, and it looks a lot better, it is a really good everyday foundation, And I love it, I would buy this again for sure. The price of this foundation has gone up to £7.50 which is still cheap but you will get 23g and there is still only 6 shades to choose from. 

I hope this review helps you if you are looking at buying this foundation, Thank you for reading ^_^ 

Much Love, 
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Bringing Back The Ombre

I had Ombre hair for a while last year, my hair was long-ish at the time, and I loved it, at first it was a funny orange color but I actually really liked it, then near the end of my time with ombre I was trying to just dye my roots, dark of course and when I was washing it would the color run down over my ombre and turned it a weird green/gray color and again me being me, I really liked it so I kept it that color for a while untill finally dyeing it out about 4 months ago. Last month I decided to get it all chopped off as my hair is really thin and looks a bit naff long, so I got a long bob and it needed something else it was just a bit blah, so I decided to bring back my ombre, and I love it, about two weeks ago I tried the L'Oreal new ombre dye but it didnt do much at all, I actually used two out of three of the colors they had but nothing :( so this time I went for a full blonde hair dye and got better results ^_^