Monday, 17 February 2014

Glossy Box - February 2014

I love getting a glossy box sent to me every month, It's like sending yourself a surprise present every month and I just love it, I'm not going to lie sometimes I do get a little bit sad when I get sent something that I know I just won't use, but I always get at least two products that I love and for £10.00 p/m plus p+p I never moan.
I love the little magazine you get I always give it a read because you get some really good tips and there are interviews with the creators of some of the products you get and sometimes I don't always know about the brand so its nice to learn a bit about the products. The interview in this months mag was with Charlotte Knight for her nail polish 'Ciaté' it was a lovely little read!

The first product I noticed was the paint pot from Ciaté London I am also so happy with my box if I get a nail polish in it, so I was super happy when I saw this cute little pink paint pot with a bow on it, I had never heard of Ciaté London before so reading the interview in the magazine was so helpful, I got sent the color 'plastic fantastic' which is a really cute deep pink, I don't know if you can see but a piece of the glass was cracked and broke so when I took the lid off a piece of the glass fell off :( but it is still fine to use. This is full size 13.5ml for £9 and you can buy this from

Next I noticed this amazing pink sparkling bottle, Its something I have never used before and I am a little unsure if I ever will but it's a sparkling body shimmer by Nougat London, I got sent 100 ml bottle and full size is 250 ml for £14 you can buy this from
I also got this chunky eye crayon from NV I got the shade 'sugarplum' it's a really light sparkling pink and not the normal color I use but I'll give it a go and maybe do a product review. This is full size at 4g and is £5  you can buy this from
I was not too happy with this product as I never get round to using them, they get left in my shower and I never use samples like this, this is an ultra - moist hair care pack, I got a shampoo, conditioner, and mask, by  Giovanni eco chic cosmetics, Full size is 251 ml for £7.99 and you can buy this at 
I also got the Big Eyes Mascara from Maybelline New York, It is in Black Waterproof and and it has a brush for upper lashes and a brush for lower lashes, I have a love hate relationship with mascara some go on really well and some really bad, so I cant wait to try it. This is one size for £8.99 from 

I also got a Lindor Treat Bar from Lindt but I already ate it lol haa, so I could't take a picture. 
Overall I am really happy with my Glossy Box and can't wait to try all the products. 
Thanks for reading, please leave your comments and I will have some reviews on the way. 

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