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Korean Cosmetics Haul

Heyyyy, so first of all I am so sorry I only got to upload two posts last week, I have a few things lined up that I can't wait to show you! And also how nice is the weather this week ?? I am in the north west (UK) .... what's it like where you are ?? The sun is shining today and I have my music on and today is a happy day ^_^ 

So as you can already see, today I have a Korean Cosmetics Haul to share with you ^_^ I love Korean cosmetics not only are there packaging super super cute but they are also cheap and do the job so its a win win I bought all mine on EBay and most of them are from the brand Etude House! 
The first thing I bought was this 3 step black head pore remover, it have the cutest name ever, its called 'Pig-nose clear black head 3-step kit' so all the instructions are in Korean but I guess it wont be too hard to work out lol ......I hope not ha ha! I bought this for about £1.93 which is about $3.23 this brand is 'Holika Holika' ... I will tweet about this when I use it and if it is amazing enough to get its own blog post I will blog about it too, but keep a look out on my twitter for it ^_^ my twitter 

I draw in my eyebrows everyday, so this was something I just had to try out and it is exactly the same color as the pencil from Rimmel that I am using now ^_^ this is from 'Etude house' and was £2.60 or $4.34 is has a twist up creamy color on one end which is also slanted for better lines and has a little mascara-wand-like brush at the other end, and I always use these when doing my eyebrows so I am super happy and it's well worth the money ^_^ 

 I came across this Wonder Pore and new straight away I was going to buy it because I am looking to get a new skin care routine and I was to use and try some new products, so this is only a 25ml bottle, and claims to be total pore solution 7 in 1 ...... so 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 I believe but 7 .... OK so it claims to ~Moisturize the skin ~ clear skin ~ smooth pores management ~ deep cleansing pore ~ fiji management ~ PH.5 slightly acidic care ~ pores and maintain momentum ~ ....WOW that's a lot!! this is also Etude House, and was £2.39 or $3.99

I also saw this mascara remover and I don't really need it but I thought it was cute and it matched my wonder pore so I bought that too, it is also 25ml it is from the same brand and is the same price ^_^ 
I want to try some new powders to set my foundation I always get my powders in Transparent and I think this brand is called 3W CLINIC but I am not sure, the packaging also says Crystal Creator Bright which sounds lovely ha ha, it comes with a powder puff and is a 30g pot for £4.78 or $7.99 this was really cheap so I can't wait to see how it works ^_^ 

Next is primer..... I don't have enough primers so I am making it my mission to buy myself a primer every time I come in contact with them ha ha, so this one also has super cute packaging and I just love the girl on the package looking over her glasses ha ha, so this is Sugar Girl All Skin Collagen Primer, from the brand, Baviphat, This is one of two out of everything I have bought that has English on the pack, and it says, Silky Primer Covers Pores And Wrinkles Smoothly with Collagen. This is a 30ml tube and was £4.77 or $7.98 again super cheap and cute and I love it ^_^

 I think I just saved the best till last ^_^ everything about this just makes me swoon ha ha, I love this little bird on the box and the bow and the little blue mirror and all the little pink flowers arrrggg I love it, and then the same pattern is in printed on the actually product ^_^ so happy ...... so this is also from Etude House and is called Dear Girls, and it is and oil control pact, this is a 8g pot and also comes with a powder puff, I love everything about this product,   it was £5.37 or $8.98 
Post and packaging was FREE on all of my products!! 

They also sent me a bunch of samples to try out mainly creams and BB creams, I will tweet these so make sure to follow my twitter to see these!! ^_^ 

I am so happy with my Korean Cosmetics Haul, Do you use any of these products ?? what are your thoughts on Korean Cosmetics ?? 

Much Love, 
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